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Agora gets together in different ways for different purposes. We recognize that as we journey through life and follow our calling to worship God and become more like him, that part of that calling is to do those things together. These are the ways that we do that.

Weekly Gatherings for Simple Worship

An important part of the life of the early church was something called Kononia in the Greek language. Often translated as “fellowship” in our English Bibles, we use the term “LifeSharing” at Agora.

At our weekly gatherings, we participate in Scripture reading, prayer, reflection and LifeSharing. We sing follow the command of scripture to sing “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.” We have a simple message, prepared in faithful study. We try to keep the focus on God and His teachings for us.

If your looking for a great show, we don’t really do that. We’re glad that Jesus can use that type of service to reach people, but it’s not who he’s designed and called us to be at Agora.

Spiritual Discovery Groups

Spiritual Discovery Groups meet with a facilitator for LifeSharing, prayer and life-changing discussion centered around the Scriptures. The facilitator leads the group in considering and discussing five questions around the scripture for that week. Spiritual Discovery Groups are great places to connect with others who are sharing the journey of life with Jesus and seeking His wisdom for their lives.

If you’re looking for something more personal and a little deeper than what you can find at the Weekly Gathering, a Spiritual Discovery Group is a great place to do that searching.

Discipleship Huddles

Discipleship Huddles meet in small groups of 3-8 people with a discipler. We use LifeShapes materials (3DM Ministries) to help people master key biblical lifestyle issues. They integrate these truths into their daily lives and then are expected to pass them on to others.

Eventually we encourage participants to consider if God might be calling them to form a new Huddle of potential to equip others for balanced biblical living. As a result, we hope to create a true, reproducing, disciples-making culture that reflects the ministry of Jesus and His disciples.

Missional Communities

Well-formed disciples make ideal leaders to reach out to hurting and lost people. When one of our disciples begins meeting with a small group of people distant from, or disillusioned with, God, we call it a Missional Community. The leaders then becomes Missional Leaders.  This is an organized way to take the hope of the Kingdom of God and His love to people who need to experience health Christianity before they can begin to consider God’s possible place in their lives.

Honestly, we’re still working on finding a good footing for our first Missional Community to launch. We trust that Jesus will get us there though.